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Custom Fangs



I create a custom set of fangs specially tailored to your teeth in 3 steps!

Step 1: Obtain a Casting of your teeth along with the **color code/Vita Lumin** of your teeth. I provide Home Impression kits through mail along with a shade chart to match the color of your teeth.

***Color code/Vita Lumin are very important to matching the shading of your teeth.***

Step 2: Fill out the waiver form and send the form, dental cast and color code to the Address listed in the confirmation email. Ensure the cast is very well protected as they are extremely fragile.

Step 3: Receive and enjoy your Custom Fangs! Ensure they fit properly and feel comfortable inside of your mouth. If they do not fit properly or are not comfortable, immediately get in contact with me via email so that I can address the issues and get the chompers back to you in a timely manner.

 As far as fangs are concerned, certain times of the year (ie. Halloween) are heavier work load times and may result in a longer waiting period, and that I will fulfill and send shipments in the order they are received. Expedited orders will take priority over other orders, if you need them faster please consider a rushed order.


Interview Attack style


Ad Astra Creations DOES NOT create fangs for anyone under the age of 18.

Each order will require a signed waver form.

Caring for your Custom Fangs

These Fangs are made from Dental Acrylic and are very easy to keep clean, use a soft bristle brush and a basic fluoride toothpaste to clean the fangs both inside and out. Do not use peroxide toothpaste as it will cause spotting. Do not use chemicals to clean your fangs.

When the fangs are not in use, keep them safe in the provided containers in order to avoid damage.

Keep in mind, while these fangs are made of dental acrylic and are relatively durable, they are not indestructible. Do not crush the fangs, do not put them loosely into pockets, and under no circumstances should you eat with the fangs in your mouth. 

Pricing on Custom Fangs

Pricing depends on the style and amount of fangs per side

Prices are per set (1 set is 2 fangs)

First set is $120

Each additional set is $50

Shipping Domestic US priority: ~20$

Shipping Domestic US overnight: ~30$

Shipping prices are rough estimates and may vary.

Expedited orders available for an additional 50$

(Rush orders take priority)

International shipping will vary, Email for more details.

Shipping Insurance will vary, Email for more details.


Home impression kits available through mail. 

Queen of the Damned
Attack Length


Day Walker: Attack style

Place your order by Email.

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If you have any additional questions please send us a message!

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